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Monday, 6 January 2014


Many of people lost password of his own  windows 7 computer. They are confused and they don't know what they should do ?  Then you are install a new windows and you lost your important data. Many of other websites tell you to download software for crack or recover you windows password and you pay good price for these software but I won't do it .

1. Go to windows folder in your computer C: drive.

2. Then go to system32 and click..

3. Search cmd.exe   and copy it to desktop and rename it sethc.

4. After going to system32 you need to search an .exe file name sethc. It is look like below in blue font.

5.  Open property of Sethc and go to security - advance - owner - edit. After click edit, a new pop up window open. click administrator. Apply and ok.

6. Again open property and click edit then acces full controll.

7.Copy sethc file in desktop and paste in system32.

8.Go to Lock panel click 5 times shift key then open a cmd window.

9. Type net user then hit enter .

10. Type net user computer name * and hit enter.

And here you go....

Enjoy it.


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